Famous faces at Dry Bar in Manchester

Dry Bar, 28-30 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN is the original Northern Quarter Bar and hailed as the catalyst for the buzzing scene that is in that area nowadays. Originally opening its doors twenty-six years ago back in 1989, this venue was the brain-child of Factory Records’ Tony Wilson and it is still going strong today.

Manchester’s Northern Quarter, has in recent years, become the place for trendy young people and arty types to be seen. Dry Bar has held its own against all the new bars and pubs that have popped up in that section of Manchester and still draws a large crowd every weekend.

Dry Bar boasts a newly refurbished self-contained music venue in the basement, called Dry Live, where live acts can perform and new bands can bring their musical creations to the world and has seen some of the best new live acts on the Manchester music scene.

Over the years Dry Bar has had more than its fair share of famous faces cross its threshold to enjoy the vibe inside. These stars included such Exclusive Company such as New Order, Shaun Ryder, Liam Gallagher and Madonna and in its early years it was seen as the place to be before partying until the wee small hours in the infamous Haçienda night club where Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Google Manchester escorts always were to be seen.

The décor was inspired by the cafes of Los Angeles and Barcelona and has a contemporary feel. However, when you take a closer look around you will start to notice some of the original design features that are still in place and maintain the sense of history of this iconic nightspot in city centre Manchester.

At the weekends there are free entry events, with Good Vibes on a Friday and 24 hour pop part on a Saturday you will be treated to an eclectic mix of upbeat tunes that will undoubtedly make your night one to remember.

Behind the bar you can expect to find a selection of beers from around the world and a variety of classic cocktails to tempt your taste buds.It’s not only a place to enjoy a fun-filled evening but also a nice chilled spot to enjoy a spot of lunch, you can tuck into yummy sandwiches, tasty burgers and delicious pizzas which are all on offer for very reasonable prices.

All in all, after over a quarter of a century in business with all the changes in the Manchester scene that have happened along the way this place still remains a favourite with the residents of Manchester even after all this time.

Top Party Fun Bars in Manchester

Manchester is awash with new and trendy bars, where standing still and looking good is all that matters, however there are countless fun time party bars and clubs where revellers go with the aim of having a good ole time and dust off their inhibitions and just let loose and have a party time in Manchester.

Tiger Tiger is one such club and it is larger than life and provides a dazzling forum to cater for all tastes. With eight different rooms offering a wide range of musical genres and atmospheres. The general vibe is electric although there are also areas for those who prefer to relax and converse, however the main aim of this huge establishment is for party people to dance the night away or even book one of the highly popular karaoke booths and enjoy a couple of hours crooning with friends known as Exclusive Company Manchester escorts. Tiger Tiger in Manchester also offers very reasonably priced culinary delights and classic bar snacks as well as an extensive cocktail list. This is the perfect venue in Manchester for a fun fueled evening or a special occasion and is the ideal one stop shop for all of your party needs with pretty ladies awash here.

Dog Bowl is another innovative and indeed hugely popular venue in Manchester city centre which combines bowling, drinking and dining in a contemporary and very cool environment. It is located close to the hustle and bustle of Oxford Road and offers a more adult take on the usual bowling scenario. It is a quirky and cool place to be and is open until very late and so young ladies from The best escort agency in Manchester, Exclusive Company frequent here regularly. It is the perfect fun night out in Manchester for those looking for some entertainment to go alongside drinking and dining out. The Dog Bowl is definitely considered to be a top Manchester bar and it has followed the success formula of its sister club The Black Dog Ballroom.

Walrus is yet another stylish and fun loving bar situated in the buzzing neighbourhood of the Northern Quarter Manchester. It’s beautiful décor and trendy clientele ensures a night to remember and Manchester escorts adore this venue for their party nights out with the girls. Walrus attracts a wide variety of people and offers a great selection fresh food and an extensive drinks menu. The secretive and private dance floor downstairs is a haven for those who want to dance the night away to the eclectic mix of music which plays until the wee small hours. Walrus is an unpretentious bar and is the perfect for after work dinner, drinks with friends or a big night out.

Situated on Deansgate Locks, Lock 91 is on first impressions a quaint and impressive 19th century innkeepers cottage but is in fact one of Manchester’s finest gems. This beautifully restored venue is a tardiest with numerous rooms which makes it the perfect venue for all sorts of celebrations and events. The bar is located on the canal and has a lovely terrace which is just perfect for those long summer evenings and various entertainment facilities such as a pool table, darts, weekly quizzes and live bands. The atmosphere is relaxed and unassuming and the staff are friendly and obliging – Lock 91 is a fine example of a truly fabulous Mancunian night out, almost home from home.

Missoula is situated in the heart of bustling Piccadilly and promises a lively and fun night out in Manchester. With affordable food and drinks, Missoula is a popular choice for party revellers and also the after work brigade. The interior design is simple and chic, with exposed brickwork, intimate leather booths and a superb roof terrace which allows customers to spy on the city from a great height and watch Exclusive Company Manchester escorts walk by. The cocktail list is plentiful and the wine menu is impressive, in fact overall Missoula is a bar that will certainly lift your spirits. It provides the perfect base or starting point for an incredible night out in Manchester city centre for thos who love to enjoy the best bars in Manchester. Try googleescorts.co.uk

Night out at Keko Moku Manchester

The quirky little bar known as Keko Moku first opened its doors back in 2012 and since then it has been a colourful and popular member of the cool and lively bar scene in the trendy Northern Quarter Area in the city centre of Manchester.

This tiki-style bar has a sophisticated style and vibrant atmosphere and at the weekend the really quite tiny space packed full with a frivolous fun-time crowd who are all looking to party the night away alongside the Exclusive Company Manchester escorts all dolled up and catching the eye of the opposite sex. By contrast on weekday evenings, this bar is a cool and chilled little spot to enjoy some delicious wine or coffee and a nice catch up with friends in Manchester.

The bar staff are all attired in bright and catching patterned Hawaiian shirts and they are ever so friendly and skillful and you will find that they are more than happy to whip up a lovely, tasty and refreshing cocktail of your choice.

When you step inside you will discover that the décor of the bar is no less bright than the sunny atmosphere. With a fun bright neon and bamboo interior there is a definite Pacific Island feel about the place and it could happily be described as kitsch without taking the whole vibe too far.

Keko Moku (which means Monkey Island in the Hawaiian language) is located on the edges of the Northern Quarter at 100 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HP and it provides a pleasing contrast to the huge multitude of chic, sleek, characterless urban bars that line the streets of that area of Manchester City Centre. http://www.manchesterescort.co/ can be seen here at the weekend all glammed up and are very easy on the eye of the male population in Manchester city centre.

The mantra of this bar is “life is no fun without rum” so, bearing this in mind, you should definitely make sure that you try some of the fabulous rum-based cocktails –one that is not to be missed is the delicious “Dark and Stormy”. As you sit and sip on the tempting tipple you have chosen, you could sit back, close your eyes and imagine for just a few minutes that you are on a fabulous sunny Caribbean or Pacific Island with white sandy beaches, blue skies and sea and gallons of rum to hand, imagine that you are far away from the typically not so clement weather that Manchester has to offer (at any time of year) breathe in deep and enjoy – this must be truly what life is all about especially when a gentleman has booked a beautiful escort from the premier Manchester escort agency the fabulous Exclusive Company.

Game of Thrones – a Song of Ice and Fire – A Critique by Student Manchester escorts.

When George RR Martin embarked on writing his epic fantasy adventure I don’t think he could possibly have hoped that his fabulous work of fiction could have reached the dizzying level of popularity and adoration that the series of books and subsequently the television show have achieved and Exclusive Company Manchester escorts are in love with both.

The first of the novels, “A Game of Thrones” was published in 1996 and was intended to be a trilogy but is now set to span an impressive seven books – five of which have now been completed and published.

Set on the mythical continents of Westeros and Essos; Martin leads you through a diverse and fascinating fictional world with discrete and interesting storylines, which when woven together form a rich tapestry of this imaginary world.

There are strong political themes within the plotlines, with noble families warring a plotting against one another, arranged marriages being used to cement political alliances and all the spying and subterfuge that you would expect among the elite aristocracy in a feudal system of government.

By the fifth book, there are no fewer than 31 characters whose viewpoint on the world you have shared and over a thousand named characters in total. The author credits the reader with some intelligence and you are left to fill in some of the gaps of the story yourself, which is very satisfying.

The three main storylines include a supernatural threat from the north, and the politics of a group of men known as the Nights Watch who have sworn sacred vows to guard the realms of men. The capital city and the constant plotting and vying for the iron throne, including murder, incest and other unsavory actions that most sane people would think were unspeakable. Finally, there is a displaced princess who has been banished to a far continent and is currently conquering her way across an area known as Slaver’s Bay with the help of her three adolescent dragons.

This may all seem a little far-fetched for those who are not generally consumers of high fantasy but the skill with which the narrative has been crafted makes it all so very believable. The issues that are dealt with are central to human nature and despite the peculiar settings it is easy to draw parallels with one’s own life.

This is evident in the shear popularity of the books, they have won many awards, sold over sixty million copies to date and have been translated into 55 languages.

There are some great characters, including some fantastic villains – after all any story is only as good as its antagonist.

The books have now been made into a smash-hit television show by HBO. The show is almost as epic in scale as the books, with scenes being filmed in Iceland, Croatia and Belfast to name but a few of the interesting and diverse locations and maybe Manchester in the future? The fifth series of the show is currently airing on Sky in the UK and airs on Sunday evenings. The television show truly does justice to the books and will leave you wanting more – so if you’re a little short on time and can’t spare the time to read the books – give the show a go – you’re almost certain to become as rapt as the millions of viewers who are already hooked and the ladies from Exclusive Company Manchester escort agency who are totally in love with the series.

Exclusive Manchester Night clubs

Exclusive Manchester Night clubs

Night life in Manchester is diverse and exciting, Manchester is a music city, and it has given birth to a whole generation of music based around the world famous Exclusive Hacienda night club. Bands such as the Stone Roses, Bee Gees, The Happy Monday’s and Oasis all came from this pioneering city, its musical legacy is huge and still to this day new bands are emerging from its famous streets and world famous artists and bands from all over the world come and play in the cities many venues. From the huge Phones for you Arena to the more quirky intimate venues, like the recently opened Manchester Albert Hall and the Night and Day in the North Quarter of the city. In Manchester there is something for everyone and every generation.

Since the recession numerous bars and night clubs in Manchester have closed, badly affecting the cities night life, however, over the past two years the city has started to recover and has seen an abundance of cool high end nightclubs and bars open. One of Manchester’s most recent arrivals is the private members club, The Milton Club, 244 Milton Hall Deansgate, M3 4BQ, with lux décor, sensational cocktails and a great atmosphere, a must for discerning guys who wish to book a first date with an Exclusive Company escort. It has already drawn a regular crowd of footballers, city professionals and influential people.

Another recent addition just across the road from The Milton Club is the Revolucion de Cuba, South Central, 11 Peter Street, M2 5QR. It’s a gorgeous two floor cantina and club with an exciting cocktail menu and fantastic music that will keep you dancing till the early hours. For a VIP experience you have to head to Manchester’s swankiest super club, Suede, Longworth Street, M3 4BQ. It has a state of the art sound system and regularly holds nights hosted by world famous DJ’s. Its big, it’s loud and it’s very cool.

For a star studded night Bijou, 1-7 Chapel Street, M8 7NJ, is the place to head, Bijou offers couture clubbing. Of a weekend prepare to see all of Manchester’s famous faces dancing away at this exclusive venue. It regularly entertains celebrity guests such as, Rita Ora, Little Mix and Ne-Yo and hosts After- Parties for events such as The Soap awards. Manchester is undoubtedly home to the trendiest and best nightclubs in the UK.